The importance of online presence has become an essential component for online consumers, eCommerce platforms, and for all scales of businesses. With the pandemic affecting a large number of physical stores and offices globally, it became crucially important to have an online presence that would bring you a large audience depending on what you do. It enables you to find the things you like on the internet. The digital era has taught us that the physical borders are not our barriers thus welcoming an entirely new way of doing things.

Whether you have a Website, eCommerce or Social Media Page, an online presence definitely promises you a lot of benefits. Online presence is the most chosen leisure by the indeviduals iurrespective of age groups. Enormous number of activities go online in a blink of seconds owing to high frequency o internet connectivity world-wide. With the new generation and youths growing in the digital age, the family time and social gatherings are taken away by various online activities.

To start with an example. A restaurant that is new in the city with good food and interior but doesn’t have an online presence. Dorji takes out his smartphone and does a google search typing “Restaurants nearby”. The restaurant will not only not show on the search result but he would never know there exist a restaurant unless he physically sees it. A good website for a restaurant with a meals menu, good images and location detail would certainly get the attention of online consumers. In these times, not having a website or social page for the restaurant is also looked at negatively by modern consumers.

Similarly, for social media influencers who play a big role in information delivery and product marketing, just having an online account wouldn’t be enough, to keep up with the latest trend is essential for growth continuity and consistency. While algorithms play a big role in showing your content to the consumers, it is important that one gives his full input to feed his/her own online profile. Various survey sources state that a minimum of 85% of both offline and online business prefer influencers marketing for the effective result it provides.

As a modern consumer of information that comes to us through scrolling feeds on social apps, notifications and other daily sources, one builds an obsessiont towards it. One example could be a confession page on Facebook where members of the page get dragged into the newest post thus leading to react or comment on it building a thread on it that engages other members too. But one thing that we know for sure while we are online is that we often end up searching for the things we like and that is where online presence for businesses and service providers matter. While it brings a lot of advantage to business front there are lot where professionals and individuals can benefit from it.

For example if an individual engages in various forums in certain topics, some organizations from another geographical location might reach you for the skills and talent you possess. Building an online reputation has become a new way of getting clients and making your way wider through the digital space. An active and meaningful presence online always bring you benifity out of the blue.

For a businesses there are a lot of advantages, to mention aome of the key benefits of having your business online are:

  1. Get wide range of audience

Audience varies from general to narrowed targeted audience. The internet enables to wide range of consumers on signed up on th internet, to whom you want to target depends completely on the types of service you provice.Various user based websites such as facebook, instagram and twitter stores users profile and interacts with them based on their likes and contents they put on the public page, these platforms lets you reached your services to the registered users based on their interests. Also as the stats speak that 93% of the online interaction start with search engine, the type of content you put on the web would drage a huge audience for the good service you provide.

  1. Increase Publicity

When you build a good reputation on the internet, the number of reviews and feedbacks you get through other users of the internet. It increases you online visibility reaching to many more who might like your brand and the services/product you provide.

  1. Trust and Credibility

Its more top go with the trend that digital era has brought it us. If you have an offline store, people will check for your brand online trying to figure out how trusted your brand is. Maintaining a good feedback loop becomes crucial to keep your brand stand out. The better it does on the internet, wider the publicity becomes.

  1. Economical Marketing

Although it sounds less credible, but online marketing are cheeper compared to the traditional form of marketing which makes print a lot of banners and make promotionals on television and radio. With online marketing you can see the graphs and figures which tells you the kind of marketing that is doing good and you can invest more on it to see a better return on investment.

This very era requires blowing up of your own triumphant. With yeras passing by, the digital space brings to us better means and tools for us to take the best advantage. If one makes his/her mind to stay away or be anti-socail and aloof, a lot of things go unnoticed beyond the visible sight. A fruitful engagement on the internet is all about bringing benefit to self and your brand. Again internet is the breaker of physical boundary and limitations, all it requires is getting along with the rest by making your online presence online. 

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